Deep down we know that our natural state is that of a powerful creator and not a victim of circumstances.
 My practice of hypnotherapy, couples therapy and coaching are designed to awaken, heal and transform your ability to manifest a new reality for your life.

 We are often dismayed by the difficulty to change our innate functioning in our lives - lack of motivation, relationship difficulties, physical symptoms, depression, grief, chronic stress are telling us that we are on the wrong track. We need to listen.


You can awaken to your inner capacity to create your reality. This involves finding the root source that is holding you back. It is inevitably linked to your inner child that continues to show up in mal-adapted behaviours in your life and in beliefs that continue to create an undesired reality in your present life.


Transformation begins when you begin to function consciously from the posture of a wise adult navigating through life with awareness, self-compassion and an ongoing body mind practice that favours optimal relational living.


Let me show you how you can create the life of your dreams.

My passion is to help people become free.

What does freedom mean to you?

Maybe for you, freedom means being free from something: not having ..., or not being ..., or not suffering from ....

Maybe for you freedom means freedom to do..., freedom to have..., or freedom to be....

For me, freedom means living virtuously, with discipline and responsibility in order to be the very best I can be in body, mind and heart. 

Freedom is an internal state, a physical state, a state of mind, a capacity for manifestation, an experience of creativity, authenticity and connection.

In a state of freedom, your natural genius is expressed and you naturally move towards abundance, connection and contribution.

If this is not how you live your life, consider this: What you focus on grows.

Your body holds the experience of participating in the cosmos through the union of mind, body and breath.

Your mind is programmed to access infinite intelligence.

The discipline of freedom opens the portals of your body-mind with no other objective than your freedom.

There is nothing in you that needs to be thrown away, exchanged or fixed. Patriarchal society teaches us individualism and domination, but our natural state yearns for connection and intimacy.

Intimacy with your life requires empathy and truth. This doesn't just happen. No one can snap their fingers and do the work for you. Empathy, connection, intimacy, healthy self-esteem and powerful manifestation is a daily practice. 

Let's work together to awaken, heal and transform your ability to access your power, potential and freedom. 

I am Elaine Rudnicki, yogi, therapist and coach. Hypnotherapist C-Hy RTT, Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, Couple's Therapist RLT, mindfulness teacher MBSR, Yoga Therapist C-IAYT and creator of AWAKE Coaching. 

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