Rapid Transformational Therapy


Lie down and get confortable, close your eyes and let your mind and your body relax. 

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This is about YOU 

If you are reading this, you are experiencing problems and even suffering in your life.

You are aware of it, and you may even have a good idea of how it came about. But you may feel powerless to change it in any substantial or lasting way.

You think that the pain, shame, grief or anger you feel is due to your shortcomings or to external circumstances. And so you seem to run into the same problem over and over again in different forms.

Trauma is invisible. What is visible are the mechanisms you have developed to cope with the trauma. These are survival strategies developed mostly during childhood, and they are expressed in beliefs, behaviors, symptoms or chronic conditions.

What do you want?


 - Marisa Peer



Pierce the veil that holds you in darkness in your life.

Awaken your ability to see things as they are, but also to imagine the life of your dreams and the passion that calls you.

Listen to what your body is telling you because the body always expresses the tears that cannot be shed through the eyes.

Healing the past is freeing the future for yourself and future generations.

Accept to change your perception of yourself as a victim of circumstances.

You are a powerful creator of your reality!

You have choices to make!

Awaken Heal Transform is an intensive one-on-one hypnosis and coaching experience that lasts between 6 to 12 weeks, which includes 1 to 3 RTT sessions. Distance hypnosis on ZOOM works exactly like in-person hypnosis and the results are just as spectacular.

I propose to use the power of your mind to free and magnetize your capacity for consciousness, self-healing and manifestation in order to become a powerful creator of your reality.

My art of healing comes from years of experience with the best thought leaders, healers, therapists and tools available.

The alchemy of an awakening, healing and transformational process is personal and individual.

The power of hypnosis and the concrete support of coaching unfolds in an intensive and rapid process that leads you to understand the root source of your destructive beliefs and change the field of possibilities.

The past is gently faced, released and a much better, more compassionate story aligned with your soul mission replaces the old one, allowing you to ascend to a different way of thinking, acting and manifesting a new future.

This transformational process involves :

* The targeting of the underlying issue, sub-issues, priority, data gathering, exploration of your family of origin, preparing for hypnosis, awakening the body-mind connection.

* The identification of the root source of the issue, the de-construction of frozen past beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that continue to generate suffering,

*Retrieving and upgrading the adaptive child who appears when triggered.

* The decoding of old patterns of thought, behaviour and action

* The recoding with new, powerful systems of self-identification and self-belief.

* The consolidation of the transformation, and setting in motion conscious change, supported by a new system based on positive expectation and the manifestation of abundance.

"I came to Elaine because of depression and because I wanted to get my life back. For the past 10 years I had been lost and regularly admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I thought I had tried everything and had no hope when a friend told me about the transformation of a relative of hers with the RTT method.
I was at rock bottom and Elaine took me by the hand and guided me to recovery. Today I don't want to end my life and I have plans for the future. I have regained my self-confidence and taken back control of my life.
The unexpected benefit of working with Elaine was on my relationships and especially with my ex.
I recommend RTT with Elaine because today I am a better version of myself and I have faith in the future. Thank you Elaine."

- Catherine B.
"The certainty that it was Elaine who would help me was immediate. I had never tried hypnosis before because I didn't trust it. I had an extraordinary experience because I was finally able to put my finger on the origin of all my self-deprecation and understand why I didn't know how to love myself.
Thanks to Elaine's coaching, I was able to decide what changes I wanted to make.
I have endless gratitude and admiration for Elaine, a deep joy in having discovered her - her generosity and presence makes her work absolutely transformative."

- Anne-Sophie Brossard
"Elaine is a real professional and really takes her time to find out what you want to change in your life and what the root cause is that is holding you back. Mine was to find a partner with whom I could have a lasting love relationship, and she really gave me amazing new insights and confidence.
It turned out that I have a hard time staying in a relationship because I'm afraid of losing power over my time and life, which is related to issues from my childhood where I felt really powerless (and worthless) because of a narcissistic father.
We've changed that pattern and it feels great! Amazingly, I received a declaration of love the next day! I now feel free to receive love when, how and from whom I choose because now I know that love is available to me and that I am worthy of it."

Iris Gommer
"What a joy! This therapeutic method has been very helpful to me. It is very gentle, and I felt that I could open up to the emotions I was experiencing because I was surrounded by understanding and love. Elaine's gentleness and empathy made me feel safe throughout the session.
Since my session with Elaine, and listening to my recording, I am transformed! I have finally found myself! And how good it feels! What I came for is healed and I feel really confident now, accepting myself, ready to face all the challenges of life with serenity.
I recommend to all those who want to evolve in their life, in a deep and lasting way, to come and do Elaine's programme. Really a big thank you to Elaine for this beautiful transformation!"

- Véronique Jan
"My first experience with hypnosis was under the guidance of Elaine and I am absolutely delighted with the results that have seen since my transformation with her.
A formidable lady, virtuous, with such beautiful human values, she has a great mastery of her discipline.
Deep gratitude for having achieved this with you, Elaine."

- Daoude Said
"Working with Elaine has changed many things in my life. First of all I can sleep at night! It's amazing, I can sleep and even take naps, which I haven't done in 40 years!  I even fall asleep before my husband, which never happened to me because I was never able to sleep before 1 or 2am. 
I no longer need to take medication, which was my goal!  I also feel much more relaxed, calmer, and much less nervous. Before, the slightest change was very difficult for me, and now it is easy!
The fact that I have several audios with Elaine's gentle and calm voice has helped me a lot and I have also found it very practical because I travel a lot. For me to be able to sleep has changed my life. A huge thank you!"

- Véronique Chalmin.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®)?

I have been certified in this method since 2018 since I trained with Marisa Peer in person in London. This hypnosis method is recognized worldwide, and has received many awards as being a most effective and ground-breaking method of hypnosis, combining Cognitive-based therapy, PNL and neuro-science.

In this hypnosis method, we bring relaxation and a sense of safety to your conscious mind to be able to contact and speak with your subconscious mind, which is encouraged to search in the past for the root of the issue.

Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe: you remain conscious and in total control of yourself throughout the session.

Your subconscious mind is a vast storage space for your conscious and unconscious memories, all of your past experiences and everything you have learned, which influences you at every stage - in your choices, in your decisions and in your beliefs.

Communicating with your subconscious mind through hypnosis allows you to identify past events that are at the root of your beliefs, behaviors, and even physical symptoms or illnesses.

"Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy (RTT) helps you take control of your mind, which in turn influences your body and behavior. By reconnecting the neural pathways of the brain, RTT replaces our outdated belief systems and negative behaviors. New positive beliefs are formed and the healing process begins."

- Marisa Peer

Since 95% of your thoughts, actions and decisions are determined by your subconscious, we are either creating by default or creating by design.

To liberate our creativity, energy and potential, we need to integrate the hidden, wounded, forgotten and rejected parts of ourselves that continue to determine our present and our future.

Awaken Heal Transform is a personalized process that will ignite and expand awakening, healing and transformation.

This program has to potential to ignite and transform :

  • your perception of yourself,
  • your perception of how your past has shaped you, limited you and determined your present and future actions,
  • your perception of what is possible for you, your life, your business, and your relationships.

You will change the most essential relationship of your life : the one you have with your own mind and your body.

You will learn to work with the three levels of your mind to make the universe begin working for you instead of against of you.  This is a process of empowerment!

Real change is never comfortable, and often will only happen when it is more painful to stay in one place then to move on. This program is not for people who want to be “fixed” but not take action. 

Marisa Peer, the founder of RTT  is very clear: an issue can be transformed in one to three sessions.
I consider that most issues are symptomatic of deeper, more complex and hidden layers of trauma, and have been reinforced with the adaptive strategies that as children we evolved from trauma.

We will unearth and excavate the root source
of the most pressing issue in your first hypnotherapy session of 2.5 hours. Yet sometimes 2 or at most 3 sessions may be necessary to alter the terrain of disempowering beliefs that are conditioning behaviour and outcomes in your life. 

Working with me is a rapid and deep process of transformation
. With  motivation and commitment, you will be ready to take off in your life in a new direction with renewed insight, integration and passion.

Only YOU can decide where
your courage and love may take you. 

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy), Couples Therapist (Relational Life Therapy) and creator of AWAKE Coach. I am also a certified C-IAYT Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness-based stress Reduction).


Lie down and get confortable, close your eyes and let your mind and your body relax. 

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