Relational Life Therapy is a new form of couple's therapy designed to give you a new understanding of relationality, and how to create long-lasting satisfaction in your relationship.

In this ground breaking couple's therapy, you will develop relational mindfulness, learn relational skills to understand and transform your couple, create the intimacy and complicity you are yearning for, and make your couple a safe haven of kindness and resilience. 

Imagine if we could see that every word and every action as either an act of love or a call to love.

Does it feel like something is missing in your relationship?

Perhaps you are facing chronic dissatisfaction?

Or are you in a painful relationship crisis?

Maybe you are confronted with relational trauma from infidelity or abuse, or perhaps you have reached the point where you are ready to walk out the door but are staying because of the children, or financial inequity.

It can be tempting to avoid acknowledging these feelings, but one day the unhappiness, pain, loneliness and frustration you are feeling leads you to to want to take action. 

Please, do not settle for relationship misery, disconnect, loneliness or worse.

You deserve to experience genuine relational joy. 

Every person is motivated by one thing: the universal need for deep and lasting connection.

Everyone has someone in their life for whom they strive to be better. However, with time, and life's wear and tear, we forget the love that was there at the beginning of the relationship. 

Traditional couple's therapy often exacerbates problems by rehashing past hurts without proposing concretely how to create the conditions for relationship harmony in the present moment.

There are proven skills that can be easily learned to repair a relationship that has gone off the rails, reconnect with each other and create a true sense of intimacy.

Begin with a Free Discovery Call with Elaine

Engage in Relational Life Therapy and:

- receive clarity and insight on how you are showing up relationally.

- awaken to the dysfunctional "relationship dance" that you are participating in.

- learn invaluable skills to support you towards a better relational future. 

Together, let us make the changes in you and your relationship that break the cycle of toxic relationship patterns and create a more harmonious and enjoyable connection. Relational Joy is a realistic goal!


I invite you to contact me to know what is your first step to create the relationship your deserve.

Relational harmony can only be achieved when a sense of balance, trust and healing is achieved, to celebrate the true nature of each partner and the role they play in the couple's dynamic. This approach allows for freedom of expression without fear of blame, anger, retaliation or condemnation.

RELATIONALITY is the practice of connecting with others through empathy, vulnerability and accountability.

RELATIONAL LIFE THERAPY, (RLT®) was founded by Terrence Real of the Relational Life Institute in the US.

Terry Real's method links the individual context of personal relationships to the biological, social and spiritual contexts in which they exist and evolve. In this method, we unpack the events at play in your neurobiology, neurochemistry and nervous system when your trauma responses are triggered. We pay attention to the scripts and gender constructs that contribute to toxic relationship dynamics.

Terry Real recognizes how the forces of individualism, patriarchy and humanity's disconnection from nature make it more difficult to maintain closeness in the modern world.

RLT is a comprehensive and holistic approach that starts from the root of the problem and addresses systemic concerns as a whole.

"Thank you Elaine for your presence, coaching and accompaniment. While I was on the verge of breaking up with my husband, thanks to you, I found love, tenderness and harmony in my life as a couple and much more. "           

- Josiane Marie

The benefits of Relationship Life Therapy with Elaine:

Create a harmonious relationship.

Develop lifelong relationship skills.

Have the insight and skills to create lasting happiness and inner peace.

Feel more whole and connected.

Your Therapist and Coach:

ELAINE RUDNICKI has been a coach and therapist for 18 years. A clinical hypnotherapist, a highly experienced coach and mindfulness teacher, she is trained in RLT (Relational Life Therapy, Terry Real, Relational Life Institute, U.S.A.)